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Game News    
                                                               Welcome To Carnage of Zuljin 

 We are a 10 man progression guild that is recruiting for dedicated players who are willing to
help the guild and clear End Game content. We are guild of knowledgeable players who have

played the game since vanilla. We as a guild understand that wow is suppose to be fun, however
there is a point when you need to be serious and in order to clear (hard-mode) content you
must be able to take it serious. But outside of the raids we do want to have fun and will be
running old raids for achievements and gear. We are also building a RBG team which to apply
for you must see Tim or Light. Thank you and enjoy. I do hope to see you in our guild soon.


                                                                   RULES OF CARNAGE  
              1.) Please follow guild chain of command. The only time you should contact a Gm in the guild is if you can not reach an officer or Gm Assistant.

              2.) We are a ADULT ONLY GUILD. You must be 18+ to apply for our guild and we will not ask for age verification but we will kick you instantly if you are not of age.

              3.) Loot rules are MS > OS. If we see you are being a loot whore, we will prevent you from getting loot.

              4.) You May Not come into a raid in PvP gear. You must be gemmed and properly enchanted in PVE gear to raid with us.
              5.) There is a 1-2 month waiting period for promotions to occur .
                                            -Promotions are given based on your raid attendance, guild involvement and helpfulness in the guild.

Again, welcome! We are glad you joined us!
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